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Monday, October 03, 2005

Casio TV Remote CMD-40/CMD40 Watch Review

International Gadget Store Fancylogic sent us the Casio CMD-40 Learning TV Remote Watch for review. The Casio CMD40B / CMD-40 is not that new. As far as I could find out Casio introduced the CMD-40 already in 2003. Still this is the latest Universal TV Remote Watch from Casio on the market. There is also a older Casio CMD-30 on the market, which does not have the learning function.

I would have not thought to put on a Calculator wristwatch again in my life. The last Casio Calculator watch I think I had with 10 years or so. But because this Casio Calculator watch is also a Universal TV remote I gave it a spin. The Casio CMD-40 totally has the 80s plastic technology watch look. Which already is an issue for many to wear this watch. Besides being a calculator the watch tells the time, features alarm and has a stopwatch function. The TV and VCR remote function though is the highlight.

The user interface of the Casio TV Remote watch is actually well done and intuitive. A long history of making calculator wristwatches sure helps here I guess. I will only focus on the Universal TV Remote functionality. The CMD-40 has about 17 TV and VCR companies preconfigured with codes. The usual companies like Sony, JVC or Panasonic are listed amongst some lesser known companies. I of course have a Daewoo TV (yes, I am still saving for a Panasonic Plasma) for testing that is not listed.

Still, it is useful to try all codes to see if one of them works as it sets all functions at once for your TV or VCR. The Casio TV Remote watch makes it easy to try each code sequentially and try the on/off function to test the code. It did not work for me, so I had to individually teach the watch the remote codes from my remote control. Again it is very easy to do that. The TV remote has to be placed next to the IR sensor of the watch. In LEARN mode and with activated programming individual buttons on the watch can be assigned a function from the remote. In a couple of minutes I had all major functions programmed for my Daewoo TV and my Panasonic HDD DVD Recorder DMR-EH50. The Casio CMD40 has a TV and a VCR selector, basically doubling the functions it can manage.
The programmed functions worked right away. The range of the IR signal is not very wide, but acceptable.
Ok, but now I am sitting on my sofa and press buttons with my right hand on buttons on a watch on my left hand. Now just try imagine this picture... This is just not replacing my old TV remote buy a long shot. So I wonder what the uses of a TV remote on a wristwatch could be.
Maybe it is convenient to have it as a second TV remote to switch off the TV when walking away or switch it on, while on the way to flap on the Sofa. Pranksters sure also can find uses of the Casio TV remote watch at public TV sets.



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