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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Linux kernel 2.6.14 released

The latest version of the Linux kernel, which carries the catchy title 2.6.14, has been released.

Unlike previous kernel updates, this one comes with some new features for Open Saucers to play with.

One of the most important things is Wireless connectivity with version 19 of the Wireless Extensions API installed.

The new kernel has two new virtual file systems. The first is relayfs, which enables high-speed data transfer between the user space and kernel. The second is Securityfs which is targeted for use by security modules which might have otherwise created their own file systems.

Also in this bumper edition is HostAP, FUSE, netlink connector, support for DCCP, PPTP, full four page-table support for ppc64, numa-aware slab allocator,and lock-free descriptor lookup amongst other exciting things.

So far comments from the Linux community have been mixed. Some fear that since they couldn't get their computers to work under the new kernel it might not be as stable as previous versions.

They claimed that Linux might be going the way of Microsoft and adding functionality at the expensive of stability.

Others were saying they had no problems and would flush the heads of those who disagreed down the first convenient toilet.



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