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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Wireless home music hub needs no computer

Olive Media Products has introduced the Musica wireless music center, an alternative to the PC as the digital music hub in the home.

The Musica has a 160GB hard drive that stores more than 40,000 songs. It can access music from any Mac or PC that is on the same home network. It also allows users to burn music directly into the device, from not only CDs but also analog tape or vinyl albums.

The Musica has its own CD rewritable drive, so users can burn custom CDs or copy existing albums and update iPods, all without a computer.

As a media hub, the Musica can stream music to as many as 20 rooms, including user-selected Internet radio stations. The Digital Pure Audio feature allows users to harmonize the music volume and attributes to correspond to a specific room or atmosphere.

Burned music can be stored in MP3 or WAV files. The Musica is available via the company's Web site at for $1,099. For an additional fee, the company will preload the Musica with a customer's private music collection.



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