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Monday, January 02, 2006

LASERline Introduces Apple iPod Nano Accessory

After increasing media reports about the Apple iPod nano’s susceptibility to scratches, LASERline introduced an iPod nano accessory that repels dust and scratches. LASERline’s Silicone Skins are made of light-weight, high-grade, waterproof silicone elastomer that won’t break, snap, tear, pill or split like rubber.

The LASERline silicone skins are translucent membranes that fit snugly around the Apple iPod nano. The shock-absorbing material protects against accidental bumps as well
as annoying fingerprints and scratches. The skins have an anti-static feature which repels the dust that can scratch and harm an iPod. Because the skins are waterproof, rain, snow or sweat are not problems, so users can take their music with them wherever they go in complete comfort and style.

Apple iPod nanos are so portable they can be slipped into a shirt pocket or the small coin pocket of a user’s jeans -- but left unprotected, they are subject to annoying scratches that can distort the screen and impact their sleek look. The LASERline Silicone Skins are the perfect iPod nano accessory.

LASERline Silicone skins for the Apple iPod nano are available in a variety of colors including: pale baby pink, icy blue, pearly white and not-so-basic black. Customers can also purchase the skins in convenient two-packs of white/black, pink/purple and blue/green. Five-packs of white, black, blue, green and pink are also available.

LASERline Silicone skins are available online at iPod nano accessory skins for $14.99 and come with a free neck lanyard and wrist strap.



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