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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Intel Introduce New Processor Family: Core 2 Duo

Intel, one of the major microchip manufacturer company introduced it's new main CPU brand, named Core 2 Duo. Core 2 implies that this CPU brand will have two cores, as you can thing of two CPU placed in one. This means it can do two different tasks at same time, like listening music and surfing on net.

Intel combines two main product lines together, these are Desktop and Laptop. Desktop computers require more power, laptops require less heat and some power too. Intel says this new Core 2 Duo will be very powerfull and at same time very energy-efficient so they will be used on both Desktops and laptops. They achieve this by new 65-nanomete chip production technology. This allow them to install more transistors in a chip with less Energy requirements.

They also say that this new processors will have large caches, that is a small storage unit installed in the CPU. All things i mentioned above are shows that intel is in a new vagon. They are not focusing on to increase processor clock speed but they are adding new cores and large caches. They chose this new way because increasing clock speed is more difficult to achive at this level of clock speeds. Also adding more cores is more effective because it is very comman to use computers for various tasks nowadays. You listen music,same time surf the net, copy some songs to your mp3 player and speak with youe friend on skype!

I m curious to see what this new technology will bring to our digital life.

Intel News Release:

The Intel® Core™2 Duo processor is the new brand for Intel Corporation’s upcoming powerful and more energy-efficient processor families for desktop and laptop computers that will arrive in the third quarter, the company announced today.

Formerly codenamed Conroe and Merom, the Intel Core2 Duo processors for desktop and notebooks PCs respectively are based on the newly designed Intel® Core™ microarchitecture and will include two processing cores — or brains — per chip, hence the “Duo” addition. Intel will also call its highest performing processor for enthusiast and gamers the Intel® Core™2 Extreme processor.

Having a common microarchitecture for the consumer, gaming, notebook and business desktop market segments makes it easier for computer developers to create more efficient software applications and can share capabilities across all categories if necessary.

The dual-core processors will include the industry’s largest integrated cache or memory reservoir called Intel® Advanced Smart Cache that includes a unique design for faster performance on memory intensive applications. The products will also support such features as enhanced security, virtualization and manageability built right into the processors.

Consumers and businesses will also be able to purchase these processors as part of Intel’s market-focused platforms, a collection of Intel hardware and software technology innovation designed and tested together and tailored to specific computing needs.


At 10:40 AM, Blogger Jozzua said...

So far all the new Intel Notebook Dual Core computers are screamers! Pretty awesome and PRICEY. The reviews I've read are really giving more reason to drool over the new gaming machine systems.


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