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Sunday, October 16, 2005

iMac G5

A new iMac, a new design, and once again everyone focuses on the enclosure, ignoring the operating system or even the capabilities of the hardware inside it. You need look no further to understand that Apple is a hardware company first, and a software company second.

This is the second generation of iMacs to be built around an LCD screen rather than a CRT. The previous iMac, which more closely resembled an office lamp, was greeted with similar excitement, but for a variety of reasons didn't sell as well as expected. Whether it was because of the economy, the increased price of the LCD screen, or the comparative value and flexibility of iBooks and PowerBooks, we're sure that Apple is hoping this new iMac will be a bigger success.

Taken on its own, the new iMac is an impressive piece of equipment. It combines the speed of last year's Power Mac model with a gorgeous screen in a very pleasant-looking box with the best access we've ever seen to internal components.



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