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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Walkman Bean™ Sony MP3 Player

Let your favorite MP3 start your day off right with the new Walkman Bean™ MP3 player. It's ergonomic shape slips nicely into your hand, making it the perfect travel buddy for a short stroll down to the store or a jet across the Atlantic. The NW-E307 comes in two hip colors, Licorice Black and Cotton Candy Pin, and sports 1 GB1 of built-in memory, room for up to 6952 of your favorite tunes. Want a change of pace? The NW-E305 also features an FM tuner so you can switch from your music to the radio at the flick of a button. A built-in USB connector allows for easy data transfer without the use of a cord, and the Super Quick Battery Charge3 gives you three hours of playback with just a three minute charge. Need track information? The NW-E305 includes a 1-Line Organic Electroluminescence Display for viewing song titles, battery life, and time/date information.

• 1GB1 Built-In Memory
Which stores 695 songs2 on the device.

• Built-in FM Tuner
Provides accurate drift-free tuning of FM stereo radio stations. Presets allow the user to skip directly to the most listened to stations.

• Built-In USB Connector
Connects directly to PC for charging and transferring without the need to carry an additional cable. Accessory extension cable supplied to assure compatibility with any USB equipped Desktop or Notebook PC.

• 1-Line Organic Electroluminescence Display (Displays Song Title, Length, Battery Indicator and much more)
The 1-line display offers a wide viewing angle, high quality display with a unique look. View information about the music, settings, time or calendar.

• Super Quick Battery Charge3
A three minute charge will provide up to three hours of playback.

• Up to 50 Hours4 of Playback Life with Rechargeable Embedded Battery
Internal battery provides up to 50 hours of continuous playback on each charge.

• Compatible with the Connect™ Music Store:
The Connect™ Music Store provides an easy method for downloading personal music. Connect™ Music Store offers access to an extensive online music library including many independent titles as well as featured artist and celebrity mixes.



At 10:41 PM, Blogger Stiles said...

Lets do a little math. For a 1GB of storage to yield 695 songs that means the average size of the song would be 1.43MB.

I've not used ATRAC, but MP3, AAC, and WMA (even though it claims otherwise) won't do this without sounding terrible. Playing on your computer speakers is one thing but in headphones you hear every pop and artifact.

In truth, this player will hold no more songs than an iPod shuffle without transcoding them down to a low bitrate. Transcoding every song before copying it to the player will take incredibly long on even the fastest of computers.

Don't believe the hype. You get 1GB of storage, not 695 songs. Thats the truth. Does Sony some how think that Apple became the number one Mp3 player maker by lying about its storage capacity? Just be honest. When people try to put 700 of their favorite MP3's on their new walkman and only 250 fit, do you think they are going to be happy?

At 11:07 PM, Blogger Reşit said...

You are just right. I did'n calculate it, sorry. Avarage mp3 file size is ~4 MB so it stores 250 mp3 file. Thanks for correction


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