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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Power boosts for future gadgets

Power generation is one of the big challenges facing not only the consumer electronics industry, as people do more with their devices, but also the military and scientific research.

A recent global survey across 15 countries revealed that the most desired features in a future mobile device was a long-life battery.

Two-thirds of mobile and personal digital assistant owners said two days' active battery life was vital.

The report said that poor battery life on mobile devices was one of the main reasons people did not play more games, music and video on their devices more often.
But the field of power is one which has not kept up with the speed of advances in processor performance and capabilities of consumer electronics.
"The issue is that, as far as batteries go, there has not been major development. And even on the horizon, a doubling in performance would be a big, big step," explains Dr Vishal Nayar, from the UK's former defence research labs, Qinetiq.
Power experts there think that although conventional batteries (lithium ions) will be around for long time yet, we may start to see more of a mix of power solutions over the next five to 10 years.
Scientists at Qinetiq are working on several power solutions. Many of their ideas will first benefit the battlefield soldier, who needs lightweight portable and reliable power systems, before they make their way into everyday gadgets.



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info taken from consumer electronics news :

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