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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

30GB Blu-laser storage tested

CDR INFO tests the first blue-laser technology based storage peripheral to appear anywhere for sale. The Plasmon UDO30D-SE stores up to 30 GB of data on one of those Magneto-Optic-like cartridges. Still using the SCSI interface though, probably the right choice for the server market though a Firewire version would be most welcomed. It ain't cheap but you can bet that data written on it will still be readable in five years.

Hardwarecentral sends us some news about the new Fujitsu Lifebook P1510D tablet converting laptop. Unlike a fully fledged tablet PC though, this one comes with Windows XP pro and does not require a special stylus to work. Built around a Pentium M 753 cpu, it has 512MB memory , a 30GB HDD plus a DVD writer. Apart from the usual onscreen QWERTY keyboard, Fujitsu also provides with Ritepen hand recognition and Dialkeys to cover all bases.

Bit-Tech reviews the Razer Copperhead Gaming mouse - reviewed. It has an excellent light blue scheme, even the wheel lights up. The reviewer considers that it is by far the fastest mouse he ever used and is much more smoother than other mice as well. Not cheap as well. As always, try before you buy.

PCadvisor has a quick preview at the Linspire Five-0 beta version. Within 20 minutes, you are in. Inspired by both OS X and Windows XP, it comes as a platform rather than a single OS. Bundled with it are SIPphone, Mozilla, GAIM, Openoffice and some more. Should you finally give up to it? Not according to the reviewer, you might better save your hard earned money and get other free alternatives instead.

The Gigabyte GA-K8N51GMF-9 adds to the growing list of Geforce 6100/Nforce4xx based motherboards. This particular model is tested at Hardwarezone. Unlike some others, this one uses the higher end Nforce 430 but still packed in a mATX format. You still get four SATA2 and four ATA connectors as well as a Realtek audio solution, GbE, two Firewire but no DVI ports - and some other additions which might make it a perfect competitor to the Aopen Pentium M-based platforms.

Another HIS card gets reviewed, this time the entry level HIS Radeon X700 ICEQ 128MB AGP card. This one goes head to head against the 6600 and the 6600LE. Very nice cooler - if a little bit overwhelming, comprehensive software package, excellent overclocking but won't do you much good if you're after high resolutions.

Got a question for our readers - is there any simple way to connect a Freeview digital set top box to a D-Sub CRT or LCD without going through the computer; something like a scart-to-female DSUB converter or something similar. Thanks for letting me know. µ



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