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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Booming Demand For LCD TVs

2005 will go down in history as the year of the big screen LCD TV. Large screen LCD TVs have recently come down in price to be very competitive with large (40”+) plasma TVs. People who have been searching for the perfect flat panel TV screen can finally get it at a price they want. One thing is for certain: home entertainment will never be the same again: it will be bigger and better.

“We've seen the price drop below $1000 for some LCD TVs,” Said Michael Crow in a recent interview. However, some of the really high end LCD TV prices still run in the thousands.

The home theater trend has swept the nation in recent years with some families even going to the extent of installing lighted aisles and popcorn machines in their homes. Home projectors, plasma TVs, and LCD TVs can make the difference between a mediocre cinema experience and an incredible one. Some technologies have fallen by the wayside, while others (like flat screens) have made substantial in roads in living rooms across the country.

While both LCD TVs and Plasma televisions can deliver large screen pictures, they use different technology to deliver a state of the art viewing experience. Shipments of both types of flat panel screens are expected to increase in years to come as they replace older CRT monitors.



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