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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sony 2GB NW-A608/SI Special Edition MP3 Player

Sony again releases a special edition of its mp3 players only in Japan. This time it is a Winter Special Package of their small flash players.

The NW-A608/SI comes with 2GB and a silver color finish. The display shows snow flakes (how cute...). On the back is an engraving saying 2005 anniversary. The player comes with either a sliver or black box containing either a black protective skin or see-through one.
Sony already announced special editions of the Sony NW-A series. The Sony NW-A1200/B mp3 player also featured more storage than the standard editions.

I would not care that much, if Sony would release special color editions of their MP3 players only in Japan. But that those special edition players have more storage than the standard ones that are available outside of Japan simply put sucks.



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