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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Yahoo!'s New Home Page

Yahoo announced its new home page design at their blog. You can reach it here. I personaly liked the new design. It is more simple and user friendly. There is a major color on the page , default is white but you can change it by "Page Options" button. You have 5 color options. You can also change width of the page by switching to the narrow layout.

New home page has 5 main areas. First one is search area. There is not much difference here but Yahoo! Answers is noticible. Second main part is left navigation bar. It contains major Yahoo! Services. If you can't find a service there there is a "All Yahoo! Services" button at the bottom of this bar. Third main part is news area,in the middle of the page. There are some topics like Featured, Sports and MOney there. Every option has different news topics in it. Forth and probably newest part is “personal assistant”. It involves recent emails, Yahoo Messenger,Radio and Weather. And one last part is Yahoo! Pulse which they explain as "a place to discover the most popular and interesting Yahoo! searches, as well as pop culture trends, music, videos, photos...".


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